Vuelta a España

Stage 7 · 206 km

Almendralejo → Mairena de Aljarafe

expecting another hot, dry and quiet day of cycling

Today I am heading to the southern region of Spain, where I am expecting another hot, dry and quiet day of cycling

"Women are the unsung heroes of the environment. Skilled, dedicated women will be vital in the coming years, in the desperate race to keep up with climate change"

— Bianca Jagger - Social and human rights advocate


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

Keith’s Journal

It's a bit hard to believe but we have now cycled and travelled all the way from the far north-west region of Spain (Galicia) to the far south-west, just near the port of Cadiz.

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Women are the true face of climate change

by Alyson Kenward

While the cumulative effects of rising global temperatures have already caused dramatic changes to our planet, those changes often seem distant and it’s hard to put faces to them. But as climate change becomes more disruptive to daily life around the world, it’s more likely than not that the faces of that disruption will be those of women.

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