Giro d’Italia

Stage 16 · 238 km

Valloire → Ivrea

"We live on this small, moist lump of rock spinning through the desert of space. Why would you destroy the only planet on which you can live? "

— Chris Darwin - Ecologist. Great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

Keith’s Journal

After a gloriously relaxing Rest Day yesterday, today was a real grind on the bike. A long ride of 243km, including a Cat 1 mountain at the start and a Cat 3 climb starting after 215km. Tough.

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the meat-free future

by Louise Southerden

It’s a carnivorous world – and getting moreso. Fifty years ago, we ate 70 tonnes of meat globally; now we eat in excess of 268 tonnes. The five biggest meat-consuming countries? Luxembourg, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Spain, according to The Economist.

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