Vuelta a España

Stage 19 · 181 km

S. Vicente Barquera → Oviedo

I'm hoping for a hot day

Today is a coastal ride along the Bay of Biscay, and I'm hoping for a hot day to allow us a sea swim. And I'm due to break the 150,000 metre vertical ascent mark.

"Environmental action has to become habitualized, rather than, “Oh, I must do that chore.” It’s still pitched as something you have to go outside of your life to do"

— David Mayer de Rothschild - Adventurer, ecologist and environmentalist


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

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The History and the Future of Change

by Chris Darwin

I am going to make 3 predictions of major changes that may occur over the next 100 years. Even if I only get one of these predictions right I hope that this will be the most valuable (both intellectually and financially) 10 minutes of your day.

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