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a short but hilly Time Trial today

After a desperately needed Rest Day, we have a short but hilly Time Trial today, which I intend to cycle at a leisurely pace in the morning sunshine. So don't expect any Strava Trophies today!

"We can stop the worst scenarios of climate change but only if we each do our bit – and that includes taking political action. The time is ticking away"

— Gael Garcia Bernal - Actor and director. Greenpeace Detox Our Water campaign supporter


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

Keith’s Journal

Ahh the joys of an easy, relaxed, casual cycle on a warm and sunny day in Spain. What beats it.

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Climate action is better for the economy

by Giles Parkinson

Given that Australia’s federal election is all about the economy, and conflicting policies on climate change, a new posting by Skeptical Science is timely. It addresses they myth that CO2 limits will damage economic growth. It says that not making serious efforts to curb emissions will incur serious economic costs, a conclusion made by numerous studies, including Ross Garnaut’s, but one that has yet to register in the Australian political debate circa 2013.”

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