Vuelta a España

Stage 12 · 164 km

Maella → Tarragona

Today is a fast, flat route

Today is a fast, flat route that takes us back to the Mediterranean coast in the northern region of Spain .. looking forward to a swim at the Finish Line.

"Before you take your food home, you need to consider where it comes from. It's about being a careful consumer, with thoughtfulness applied to every decision"

— Meryl Streep - Actress. Environmental activist


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

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Why preserving biodiversity is really, really important

by Michael D. Lemonick

Ecologists have been saying for decades now that the world is in the midst of a biodiversity crisis. Hundreds of species are vanishing every year, thanks to assaults to the environment that include deforestation, overfishing, toxic pollution and, increasingly, climate change – the lethal icing on an already poisoned cake.

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