Tour de France

Stage 16 · 168 km

Vaison-la-Romaine → Gap

We are into the final week of the Tour

We're heading towards the Alps today, with a hilly Stage from Vaison to Gap. We are into the final week of the Tour, so stay glued to your ... bike.

"Climate change: I say the debate is over. We know the science, we see the threat and we know that the time for action is now"

— Arnold Schwarzenegger


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

Keith’s Journal

Wow what a ride today. It came as a complete surprise to me as I was expecting a boring flattish cycle to Gap, but instead it was a first class cycle route.

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10 myths about climate change

by Louise Southerden

It’s easy to blame the mainstream media for misconceptions flying around about climate change, and yes, in the name of journalistic balance, climate sceptics are often given as much air-time and column inches as climate scientists.

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