Giro d’Italia

Stage 17 · 214 km

Caravaggio → Vicenza

"We have the facts, let's add the feelings, and we'll get moving in the right direction! "

— Lise Wulff - Founder of the environmental art project:


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

Keith’s Journal

So dear readers .. it is now midnight, I am getting up at 5am, I have cycled 215km today, and I had way to many prosecco’s in the vineyards offered by the super hospitable Italian fans. So I’m afraid to say that my daily diary entry will have to wait till tomorrow. But you can still see my photos from today!

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life cycle of a laptop

by Louise Southerden

With so many computers in the world today – it’s estimated that there’ll be two billion in use, worldwide, by 2015 – one of the most important things we can do to reduce our impact on the environment is to buy and dispose of them wisely.

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