Vuelta a España

Stage 3 · 185 km

Vigo → Mirador de Lobeira

It looks like a fantastic route today

It looks like a fantastic route today - nearly all along the Atlantic coastline with its beautiful beaches. Not sure if we will have time for a swim.

"We are all together in this single living ecosystem called planet earth. We can plan ahead, we can use the resources responsibly, to show some respect for this inheritance that goes back 4.6 billion years"

— Sylvia Earle - Oceanographer. First Hero for the Planet by Time Magazine


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

Keith’s Journal

Yesterday's tailwind became today's headwind, which made our journey a long and hard one.

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Think big, start small

by Louise Southerden

Louise Southerden has thoughtful tips on minimising your footprint abroad, while helping communities prosper.

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