Vuelta a España

Stage 14 · 156 km

Bagà → Andorra

"There's no need to be fancy pants. Put down the plastic water bottle, give the kids a chance!"

— Jack Johnson - Surfer, singer and songwriter


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

Keith’s Journal

A very very tough Stage, especially so with the rain all day and damn cold too. It's hard to believe we were cycling in 37 degree heat yesterday and today it was 7 degrees, and wet to the core! So I'm exhausted and falling asleep as I type ... So I will try to complete this entry tomorrow (or Monday ... or Tuesday ... )

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Five elements of sustainable transport

by Lindsay Wilson

Transport is responsible for around a seventh of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Of these emissions almost two thirds are the result of passenger travel while the rest is due to freight. So passenger travel is a big deal for climate.

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