Giro d’Italia

Stage 19 · 139 km

Ponte di Legno → Val Martello Martelltal

"The planets talking about a revolution. The natural laws have got no constitution. They've gotta right to live their own life but we keep paving over paradise. "

— Sacha Skarbek - Songwriter, producer


By alex holm and vi duc troung at slaughterhouse

Keith’s Journal

My first words as I looked out the window at 5:30am cannot be repeated here. All I could see was heavy, horizontal snow. The thought of heading out in this snowstorm filled me with dread, but I had no choice. As far as I was aware at this time in the morning, the Giro Stage 19 was still on, so I had to cycle.

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App it up

by Louise Southerden

Want to be reminded of the wonders of the natural world, inspired to live a more eco-friendly life, monitor how much energy you’re using, find sustainable food to eat? There’s an app for that. Green-living apps have exploded into the cybersphere in the past few years. Here are 10 of the best:

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